Includes information and tenant FAQs regarding: IVTU services, Housing applications, Lease review, Lease termination, Habitability, Repairs & damages, Subleasing, Roommate problems, Rent increase, Emotional support animals, Moving out, Eviction, SASA, Resources & FAQs for survivors, COVID-19 resources 
Includes information regarding: Tenant’s basic legal rights, General Information About Landlords & Tenants, Looking for & Inspecting Rental Units, Basic Rules Governing Security Deposits, Holding Deposit, Unlawful Discrimination, Rental Agreements & Leases, Landlord’s Disclosures, Repairs and Habitability, Terminations & Evictions, Resolving problems
Ordinances protecting tenants' rights to a safe living environment could be coming to Santa Barbara County
IVTU Statement on a Cost of Living Adjustment
A document with helpful questions to ask your landlord. These questions can help you discover the not-so-obvious attributes of a property, the landlord, or the leasing contract.
Services include: Tenants' rights, Rental housing mediation, Model roommate agreement, Move out tips, Interpersonal Violence Investigator, Survivor Resource Center
A free space to gather, learn, connect, and access resources for the entire Isla Vista community.
Off-campus rental listings, Mediation program, Rental advice & information, Educational workshops, Move in & move out videotaping
 Information and support on a variety of issues, including Citations: Minor In Possession, Public Intoxication, Fake ID, noise violations and public urination, Security deposit disputes, evictions, habitability situations, Restraining orders, dissolutions, Vehicle accidents, Lease review & landlord/tenant questions, Immigration issues, and more.

Highlights the history of the systemic housing crisis that has plagued Isla Vista since its inception, as well as the history of community organizing and revolution that has resulted from this injustice…Serves as a complete documentation of the housing crisis and its effects, as well as community demands for change addressed to Chancellor Yang and the Santa Barbara City Council.

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