We Need More _____ Housing! is executed by a group of UCSB students operating              out of the Social Print Lab.

Meet everyone below!
Adela Aubuchon
A senior UCSB student, studying both art and communication. Her emphasis is on photography and digital media; exploring the notion of personal narrative and her multicultural identity. Having grown up in Indonesia, she moved to Isla Vista in recent years and has become passionate about the growing concern with housing!​​​​​​​
Anahi Garcia
A fourth-year Chicana student majoring in art at UCSB. Her emphasis is in oil painting and photography; incorporating captured memories and moments in time. She is passionate about narrative art, community building, and social justice.
A fourth-year Writing and Literature major in UCSB’s College of Creative studies with special interests in humor, nonfiction and local activism.
Jesús Balandrano Ramírez
A third-year student at UCSB, studying both art and sociology. He is interested in bringing awareness to social causes through his art. 
A second-year student at UCSB, majoring in Art. She is passionate about creative storytelling and visual communication. As a resident of Isla Vista, she’s excited to be a part of bringing this Social Print Lab project to life!
Lilli Mckinney
A graphic designer and fourth-year art student at UCSB. She is passionate about social justice and education.
We thank our professor Iman Djouini, for inspiring and helping us develop this campaign.
We are especially thankful to Jonathan Abboud and the IV Tenants Union for the research and help that they contributed to this project.